Frequently Asked Questions

M Curry Arts LLC

If you have a question not addressed here, please email me! mcurry@mcurryarts.com

“What about your qualifications" In many fields, degrees (I have 2) are what matter, but in art, “the proof is in the pudding," in other words the quality of what I create speaks for itself. I have been doing art for many years (see the “about me" page), from my teens, and have had private training, as well as 7 full years of college, and have earned 2 degrees in art. I finally decided I had reached mastery level, and realized I needed to stop going to college, and to “just do it," and start making this my life career.

“What about your materials"  I use high Artist Quality Materials. Some brands I use: Schminke, Winsor & Newton, Sennelier, Royal Talens, Holbein, St. Petersburg, Liquitex, Golden, Utrect, and others. I only use rag, or acid free supports.

“Why do you do different media, subject matter and styles?" I liken this to a musician who can play many instruments, or an actor who can play many different roles. I create artwork in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and others. In learning different media, I strove to master them. I am driven to push my own visual boundaries, and am constantly evolving in my work. I am an artist who has a high level of creativity, enjoys problem solving, and different kinds of composition within the visual arts. Art is communication, and sometimes one media’s expression will be better suited to what I want to convey. I enjoy a wide spectrum of creation from realism, impressionism,  expressionism, minimalism, to abstraction.

“How do you price your artwork?" Pricing is based on size, media, subject matter, fair market value, and gallery representation. That being said, I use a per square inch methodology that incorporates these elements. The dimensions of height x width are figured in. For commissions, I require 1/2 of the total end cost before I begin the work. Archival, handsigned, numbered prints are priced at considerably less than original work. Any treatment such as matting, framing, embellishments, whatever that costs me, is added on to the end price, as well as MI State Sales Tax (.06%), and any shipping costs. I will accept layaway payments by agreement with a quarter (non-refundable) down payment. I am willing to trade valuable goods, or services for art, based on if I need or want that item, and by written contract and agreement. All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.

“What is the meaning behind your logo?"  The original logo is a play on my first name, Michelle (Shell), like a rebus. It references times in ancient painting history to times before palettes, or paint containers, when an artist would use seashells to put their bits of pigment colors in. The nautilus shell is a natural example of the “Golden Section," and is used by Artists and Musicians through time. I attempt to incorporate its principles in my art, as a formula for beauty that resonates deeply in the human spirit. The “Golden Section" is a pattern known as God’s fingerprint, as seen in nature, all over the world. The white portion in the very center references the prismatic quality of white light that refracts into all colors. White is the color of purity, and light. It is also the color of a blank canvas or paper, a symbol of new possibilities. The gold paint spot is a symbol for a high standard of excellence, that I try to achieve through my work. The paintbrush is a symbol for the Artist’s tool that I employ, and create my artworks.