Michelle has created works of art in various mediums, using oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pastel, and graphite. She also now works in digital media as well. She has done still life, landscape, and portraiture, as well as lyrical pieces that “tell a story." Her rich and varied life experiences create a fertile creativity from which to communicate visually. She continues to work toward mastery in whatever she is working with at the moment, both in technical skill, and in conveying the subject matter.

Michelle Curry is a South West Michigan Artist. Aside from living in different places around the U.S. during her 20’s, while attending college, and after marrying her husband who was in the military, she currently lives there, in her original home state. Michigan is a rich environment for artists, and is known for it’s artist’s activity, and towns. It boasts world-class fresh-water lakes, and 4 Seasons, that create an abundance of scenery, and constant change. She resides in the country, which includes her studio.

Michelle was born partially deaf, and was trained early in lip-reading. She feels that her sensitivity to visual details is in part a cause of this defect, which goes with the “seeing" aspect of creating art. Michelle’s early influences as far as art is concerned, include her mother, who as a fine artist, was involved in painting, collage, and etching, so her love for art began early, being surrounded in this environment. She early on developed a love for reading great literature, and history, as well as developing a love for, and belief in life-long learning, self-reliance, and independence, and which also gave her an interest in different cultures, sociology, theology, and psychology. Michelle has completed 7 years of college, earning two degrees, one in Graphic Design/Business, and the other in Illustration, as well as being an honor society student during her college career.

Michelle wears many hats in her artistic endeavors. As well as continually creating art,  she does private tutoring in art, and workshops for individuals, and groups.

Her other interests are reading, sometimes writing, history, and listening to music, especially classical, or celtic, or historical ballads, and jazz. She sometimes enjoys cooking vegetarian cuisine, and walking, (accompanied by her family and dogs) and camping in the summer (especially when she can mix some “plein air" painting in)!



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