Hire me to create something beautiful for you! I can make art work using media of your choice (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, graphite or digital), and a style you would like (realism, impressionism, etc.) For specific guidelines, see below!

If you would like to have me do a commission for you, contact me by email: mcurry@mcurryarts.comĀ 

Guidelines for Commissions:

Some ideas for Commissions: Portraits of people, children and pets, imaginative subject matter, items to commemorate a significant life event or milestone, Items of sentimental, symbolic value, or personal property like gardens or homes, also master works by famous Artists (like if you just love Monet’s “Water Lilies"…) too!

When hiring me to do a commission, I do preparatory discussions and work ups for you, (the client) to help you decide how you would like your art to look. We look at different paint applications of different media, as well as different styles, and approaches to composition. We also agree on size of the artwork, and the timeline for completion, or when it is expected to be finished.

I do master copies of famous artworks, Have you ever wanted to own a famous painting, like a Van Gogh, or Monet? (The Art work to be copied must be 75 years old, well established, and in the public domain). I sign it with my name, and give proper attribution to the original artist. Artists have been copying the masters down through history (From the Greeks in 300 B.C., to the Renaissance, through the middle ages, down to the present time. Well known artists, such as Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Picasso and many others, copied).

The price is the same for commissions as for my creative work. For more details on pricing see the FAQ page. Commissions require 1/2 down of the total cost up front (non-refundable) before work is started. Final payment is expected when Art is completed.

Copyright is retained on original work by the Artist where applicable.

M Curry Arts reserves the right to refuse a commission before first deposit is made and/or the art work has begun.