Classes and Private Tutoring! 

Traditional media (oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, etc.)

I teach people who have never done art before, through advanced artists!

Contact me if you want to join classes, sign up for private tutoring sessions, or ask about possibilities of enlisting me for your small group, or if you just have a question or two! 

 e-mail (, or phone (text) 269-599-6774


“Michelle is amazingly talented as both painter and instructor. I advise her to anyone." -Arlene


“So talented and a truly kind person." -Reva


“I have actually begun to see my world in a whole new way as a result of attending your classes! It has made a big impact in my life!"   -Jean


“During this past summer, I took a Watercolor Painting class from Michelle Curry.  Michelle is quite an accomplished artist, and excels at many different types of art, including Watercolor.

The class met once a week for 10 weeks, and in that time, I had quite a positive experience with Michelle.  I was the only student in the class, so I got a lot of individualized attention.

She began each class with a demonstration of a Watercolor technique, and often, she had an online tutorial set up to go along with it.  She would demonstrate, then let me try my hand at it.  She was very organized, and had things planned ahead for each of our sessions, often telling me a week in advance what we would be doing during the upcoming week.

I would highly recommend Michelle for teaching art.  She has a great teaching style in which she gives clear, concise instructions, and elaborates on them as necessary.  She welcomes questions of any sort, and does her best to answer them as completely as possible.  She is eager to share her knowledge of fine art, and works tirelessly to make art a positive experience for her students.”           -Anne