My Hiding Place, 17 x 22, Mixed Media on Paper

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This kind of tree is called a weeping beech tree. Originating from Europe, (Fagus Sylvatica Pendula) it is called “weeping” because the branches and leaves cascade down to the ground to create a canopied, walled enclosure underneath and within, under the trunk. It becomes a delightful “hiding place” for children and adults alike who discover the cool, yet sunlit tree cavern within. From the outside the tree looks like a giant, misshapen bush, with big humps in odd places, but within it has symmetry. The branches often reach down, and root where they meet the ground. For me, this tree has a larger personal, spiritual meaning, and brings to mind, that when we go through trouble in our lives, we may turn to God, and then afterwards we may say that “weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.”  It is said that with God our “tears are put in a bottle,” and our suffering is not wasted, and that we are able to comfort others from the comfort we have ourselves recieved from going through trials. Often times in life I have felt like my trials have made me odd, or misshapen like the outside of the tree, but God is establishing me internally in ways I cannot understand. The inside is full of light, and I enhanced that in the painting, as well as using blue on the branches, to represent that God was inside, making it a sacred space, like a church, or cathedral. The “joy” is like stained glass colors on the canopy floor, transmuted from the light, represented like a rainbow of color, also symbolic of the Lord’s promise after rain, which gives me hope, that “joy will come in the morning,” and trials are limited in scope and duration. May we learn to hide in our God, and trust Him in time of trouble to turn our sorrows into joy.

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