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Gypsy Girl (Rose), (copyrighted) by Michelle Curry, www.mcurryarts.com

“Gypsy Girl (Rose)” 

17” x 19”  

Watercolor on Paper 

NFS (Matted and Framed).

This young girl, with a large scarf on her head, sitting in front of a gypsy wagon has the look of the "old (European) world" about her. She is not a beauty in the sense of our culture, but has a dignity and beauty of her own. Her scarf makes a knot that is reminiscent of a rose. I painted her in sepia tones, reminiscent of the old master's, in the classical style.

Morning Devotion, (copyrighted) by Michelle Curry, www.mcurryarts.com

“Morning Devotion”  

18” x 24

Pastel on Paper 

$900.00 (Matted and Framed).

This pastel painting is of a young man, sitting at a breakfast table, reading a Bible. There is a wonderful, light tension that occurs because of the cool and warm coloring. Everything is mismatched, the chairs, and the dishes, yet the man is serene, and peace pervades the scene. As a metaphor, very often our lives feel as though everything is disjointed, yet there can be harmony and peace...

Joshua's Laurels
Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 (Privately owned)

This portrait is of my son, playing his violin in the dining room. The gentle light is streaming in through the window. The plants, are symbolic of laurel leaves, because of their placement behind his head. Laurel leaves made into a crown were woven together to make a "crown," and given to a victor in ancient Greece. He had worked very hard, and had begun to play for a local symphony. I am proud of him!

“Man with Hat” 

18” x 24” 

Graphite on Paper  

$796.50 (Matted and Framed).

From a clay bust figure, the man, with his hat on, and jacket looks like he has just arrived from a long trek by horseback, with an important message. His head and neck, and intent eyes look full of attention. His fine nose, and mouth belie a sensitive nature. Drawing is the underpinning for all forms of visual art, and is as important a vocabulary as scales are to music. I was fortunate to have some technically sound training in this early on, which has served me well. I continue to study the "masters" off and on, and continue to draw.

A+ Validation for Diana,

14" x 18"

Graphite on Paper

$449.50 (Matted and Framed)